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My name is Laura, and I am the founder and lead creative designer of Cheers Atelier, a boutique studio based in Vienna, Austria.

I decided after 3 years of designing animated invitations at Cheers Invites, that it was time to focus on something that reflected my own style and essence.
I reconnected with my love for watercolor and hand-painting, patterns and textile designing. I am especially enamored with a romantic, feminine and ethereal aesthetic, and my goal is to bring that mood to each bespoke project and collection. 
I graduated as a textile designer, and I also majored in both fine art and animation.
My work is defined by the balance of detailed hand-painted illustrations, purposeful surface designs, luxury animated invitations and exclusive collections.

I live my life between Vienna, Austria and Punta del Este, Uruguay, and when I'm not hard at work designing, I enjoy spending time with my husband, family, friends, and Milo, my dog. I love spending time in nature, visiting the beautiful palace gardens in Vienna, or walking on the beach when I'm in Uruguay. 
As I'm usually travelling, I'm super grateful for being able to work wherever I am, and also for counting on a wonderful team that helps me everyday.

Thank you for stopping by!
Let's unseal a romantic aesthetic, and design beautiful projects together.


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